Yerba mate tea information

The gourds we sell at are traditionally used in South America to drink yerba mate tea.

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Yerba Mate TeaHow to prepare ‘cure’ the mate gourd for the first time

1. Gently scrape the dry membrane from inside the gourd with a spoon to clean the loose gourd particles.
2. Fill the gourd over half-full with dry yerba mate.
3. Add hot water and let stand for one or two days. This will allow it to expand and seal.
4. Gently scrape off the loosened skin from inside the gourd again and rinse.
5. Finally put the gourd in the sunlight for a day or two or until it is completely dry.

When used and treated properly, the mate gourd will last a lifetime. To ensure a long life for use with yerba mate tea, always be sure to rinse out the gourd when you are done using it, and let it dry completely. It will stain dark green inside after some use. A soggy gourd could tear or become moldy.

How to drink yerba mate tea

1. Pack the dry loose yerba mate into the gourd just over half-full.
2. Place your hand on the top of the half-filled gourd and turn it upside-down. Shake the more powdery leaves to the top of the gourd with several flicks of the wrist.
3. Turn the gourd onto its side and give it several light shakes back and forth. This action will bring the larger stems to the top of the surface, creating a natural filter.
4. Tap the yerba to one side to create a pit. Add fresh cool water into the pit and allow it to sit for a few seconds in order to moisten the mate. Cool water protects the flavor of the herb.
5. After the mate absorbs the water and swells, close the bombilla’s ‘mouthpiece’ with your thumb and insert the bombilla firmly into the pit until it touches the bottom of the gourd. Keep in place at all times and do not move, even while sipping.
6. Pour small sips of hot (not boiling) water into the pit.
7. Sip gently the infusion using the bombilla.
8. The mate gourd can be refilled 10-15 times or until it loses its flavor.
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