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Be You - Fashion Tips


When you choose your outfit... just be you! Pick what you like and fits you best, instead of ephemeral trends. This black leather and silver bracelet is an accessory you can wear with a lot of combinations. Take this outfit for example: a black and white polka dot silk top, a good pair of jeans, a structured black leather tote and suede pumps. Oh, don't forget to carry your sunnies, they are a must!


Celtic Knot Wrap Choker: How to Change your Look

Accessories and jewelry are a very important -if not the most important- part of your wardrobe. A simple, classic outfit can turn into edgy only by wearing this Celtic Love Knot silver pendant as a wrap choker necklace with a suede cord instead of a silver chain.

It's easy. Just find a beautiful suede cord, the thickness you prefer, and wrap it around your neck as many times as you wish, placing the Celtic Love Knot pendant where you want it to sit. You can even change the color of the cord depending on what you wear. A velvet ribbon is also a gorgeous option for a night out. Combine it with a silk or satin off-the-shoulder top and you're ready to go.


Celtic love knot silver and leather choker

Celtic Knot Choker - Styling Tips - Leopard Print

The choker trend is back! Actually I think this choker trend will never really end because there are so many different ways to wear them! We can add some edge to an outfit or we can make it look glamorous or sexy.

Let's take for example leopard print.  I've always loved leopard print but in small doses. Accessories, shoes or bags are some of my favorites in leopard print. An outfit like this one, pairing track pants with leopard print sneakers and a suede bomber jacket looks gorgeous. The tortoiseshell sunnies and Celtic love knot silver and leather choker complete beautifully the look.